Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Trainer Cheat Hack

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Trainer Hack Cheats – This is the release of the Cheats Trainers for Sniper Ghost Warrior 2.  This Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Trainer Hack does not crash the More »


PayDay 2 Trainer Cheat Hack

PayDay 2 Trainer Cheat Hack is finally available for download at Gamingcounter.

Full feature PayDay 2 Trainer with all the cheats needed to provide you with the ultimate fun.

See below for PayDay 2 Trainer features and hotkeys. Download Link is at the bottom of the page

PayDay 2 wallpaper

Become a master criminal in this thrilling action packed game developed by Overkill Software.

Story comes as a sequel of Payday: The Heist and follows original payday four member crew

As you progress you ll be faced with harder challenges which requite more skills, money, items, weapons and much more.

PayDay 2 Trainer helps you in the quest of becoming the master criminal offering you wide selection of cheats…

Activate the trainer by pressing F1 at main menu
See below for hotkeys and cheats

Numpad 1 : Add Skill Points

Numpad 2 : Add Money

Numpad 3 : Add Experience Points

Numpad 4 : Auto Aim

Numpad 5 : Instant Drill

Numpad 6 : Unlimited Health Godmode

Numpad 7 : No Reload

Numpad 8 : Save Position / Location

Numpad 9 : Load Position / Location – Teleport

Numpad 0 : Undo

F5 : Super Speed

F8 : Super Jump

F9 : Super Drilling


F1 : Unlock Extra Masks

F2 : Unlock Extra Weapons

PayDay 2 Trainer Cheat Hack  supports all operating systems and does not crash the game. All hotkeys are customizable.
Have fun,
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